My Personal Project

January 8, 2017 Personal, photography

2016 was an amazing year. It was busy, thanks to all of my amazing clients. I got to go back to Oregon and visit my family, which was the most amazing gift. It also had a lot of struggles. The year closed out with oil still down and the cattle market sour. For a family that depends on both the oil and ag industries, this made for a pretty tough time. These pressures to pay the bills, provide for our family and preserve our way of life on the farm have been very heavy lately and I was honestly a little down when I started stitching together my pictures of 2016. All that worry seemed to melt away though the first time I watched this video altogether. We are so blessed.I look at these pictures and I see hope, love, joy and a wonderful year. When we look back we won’t see the lows or the hard times, but we will see four shining smiles. We will see a series of little adventures¬†and everyday joys. We will see a series of happy little adventures and common everyday moments that make life worthwhile. I can honestly say that this has simultaneously been one of the most difficult and one of the most rewarding projects of my life. I hope you enjoy this little peek at my 2016.