My Personal Project

January 8, 2017 Personal, photography

2016 was an amazing year. It was busy, thanks to all of my amazing clients. I got to go back to Oregon and visit my family, which was the most amazing gift. It also had a lot of struggles. The year closed out with oil still down and the cattle market sour. For a family that depends on both the oil and ag industries, this made for a pretty tough time. These pressures to pay the bills, provide for our family and preserve our way of life on the farm have been very heavy lately and I was honestly a little down when I started stitching together my pictures of 2016. All that worry seemed to melt away though the first time I watched this video altogether. We are so blessed.I look at these pictures and I see hope, love, joy and a wonderful year. When we look back we won’t see the lows or the hard times, but we will see four shining smiles. We will see a series of little adventures and everyday joys. We will see a series of happy little adventures and common everyday moments that make life worthwhile. I can honestly say that this has simultaneously been one of the most difficult and one of the most rewarding projects of my life. I hope you enjoy this little peek at my 2016.


Please Support the Good Hope 4-H Club

May 13, 2016 Personal

I know, I have shared this earlier in the week but it is so important to me I’m going to share it again. I love 4-H I wouldn’t be here today, taking pictures, farming and raising babies in Kansas without the learning opportunities I had in 4-H. Please help me provide those opportunities to the members of the Good Hope 4-H club with a vote of support. Thank you! This scholarship would mean so much to our club and allow us to offer more opportunities for activities in Science, Leadership, Agriculture, Art, Service Learning, Foods, Fitness & Health, and more. Please click on the link to go to facebook and vote for the Good Hope 4-H club.

Are you a 4-H Alum? I would love to hear about your 4-H experience!

Help Support the Good Hope 4-H Club

May 3, 2016 Personal

The Good Hope 4-H Club is entered in a contest to win a $1000 scholarship and I need your help. I need your support to help our kids (yes, I’m their leader and they are all my kids) win. This would be huge for our group. We have 42 members and with this scholarship, we could offer more activities in STEM, Art, Leadership, and Service Learning. These activities would reach far beyond the scope of just our 42 members and their families as well. You see, 4-H is more than just arts and crafts, or livestock or STEM. It’s about raising leaders. I could go on and on about how passionate I am about 4-H, but I’m just going to leave this video link here that the kids made. I think you can see from this little 90 second video how much they love 4-H. If you can, please take a minute and vote. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.


Powerful Picture of Western Kansas Bride and Groom at Sunset

Baring it All } No Photoshop Involved

March 9, 2016 Personal, Tutorials

I get asked occasionally about my sunset photos. “How do you do that?” “It doesn’t look real.” I think a Bare it All post might be appropriate so I can show you honestly, how I handle a shot like that. There actually is no photoshop involved. It is done completely in camera. To be quite honest I rarely use photoshop at all. Occasionally I’ll need to fix a blemish, but 99% of my images are natural as captured. I like things real, honest and genuine. Any photography magic happens when I’m choosing settings and creating the shot before my shutter clicks.

Here is a recent picture I love that used a gorgeous Kansas sunset for the backdrop. This is the RAW images straight out of the camera, no editing or adjustments yet.


I apply a preset adjustment that I have tweaked for sunsets. It boosts the contrast, saturation and adds a curve to the tones. I also straighten the horizon. I am horrible about shooting just a little crooked.


There we go. It’s quite a bit better, I just have a few more small adjustments to make. I am going to burn out the vehicle lights on the left hand side and pull the highlights down so we can see the details in her gown.


And there we go! That’s about it. Pretty simple, natural and beautiful. Just the way I like to see it!

I hope you are enjoying my Bare it All posts. Leave me a comment if you do or if you have a request for something you would like to see. I am also available for portraits and weddings in Western Kansas and can be reached by emailing

A Day in the Life Session

February 29, 2016 Family Photography, Personal

I have been wanting to do an On the Hour (photo an hour) or Documentary Session of my own kids for quite some time. It is really hard though to focus on taking pictures when there are so many other things that have to get done. Things like dishes, laundry, chores, homework and reading, cooking and juggling business as well. Sunday, I forced myself to just keep my camera by my side and do it. I couldn’t be happier that I finally did this. So many little ordinary things that made up a pretty beautiful collection of pictures. I hope you enjoy this little peek at our everyday. _MG_6333_MG_6356

_MG_6360_MG_6376 _MG_6383



_MG_6447_MG_6429 _MG_6440_MG_6391_MG_6467_MG_6458-2_MG_6471_MG_6527 _MG_6542 _MG_6538 _MG_6530_MG_6566 _MG_6579_MG_6584_MG_6603

I am now booking 2016 Documentary Sessions. I believe every day is an extraordinary gift and years later we will treasure those little everyday moments. Sessions are completely natural, no matching outfits required and no formal posing allowed. Email me at and we can visit about your family and how I can help you document your families story.