Hello! I'm Kelsey

751Hays Kansas Photographer

Thank you for taking the time to view my images and look through my blog and website. I suppose you want to hear a little about my story before we set out to tell yours. I love god & my family above all else. I grew up on a small farm near the Oregon coast and I love the outdoors. I grew up exploring the Pacific Northwest and taking pictures of everything. I went to college in WY a couple years, then transplanted myself into Hays. In addition to being a photographer, I have the great privilege of raising four amazing kids on a small farm with my husband. I still take pictures of everything. I love how beautiful everyday life is when you see it in the right light. I love good stories, real smiles, genuine laughs and families. To be completely honest though, that's enough about me, I’d rather hear about you and your story.

If you have a minute drop me a line and say hello. I want to hear about what you have in mind and how I can help you create some real and beautiful memories. I want to get to know you and your family and then maybe we can collaborate to create some beautiful pictures. I aim to tell a story when I pick up the camera. I want to listen and tell your story.

Thanks and I am looking forward to meeting you,


My mission

“To tell every clients unique story in a set of artistically crafted pictures that show their authentic beauty, love of life and joy in their family. To deliver real, beautiful moments, genuine smiles that tell your story.”